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Exclusive artwork for SRG (©) / by Kalon

About SRG Magazine

The first French magazine dedicated to retrogaming (RetroGame mag) returns after 15 years of waiting in an optimized version with Japanese fragrances. A cultural anchor aimed at enthusiasts as well as nostalgic people and collectors, Super Retrogame is a fun and timeless quarterly magazine with 144 color pages, 94% retro and 6% neo-retro. With its original covers created by the cream of international artists, it is the fruit of the boundless imagination of a team of experienced and crazy specialists wishing to break the codes. Super Retrogame is above all an abundance of purely 80's and 90's Japanese influences, lively and often offbeat texts aimed at both purists and novices, distilling an atmosphere mixing nostalgia and discovery.


Concept & Spirit of the magazine

Super Retrogame is above all a “spirit” which focuses on the desire to be a storee playful, fun, transgressive and relaxing for its reader.


An atmosphere, a color, which mixes Japanese culture, IRetro video ux, offbeat tone, lively and vibrant approach to games. Articles without language, with the search for angles of analysis which wish to escape froms beaten paths and usual treatments. Whether it's in his words or his tankgraphically, Super Retrogame has the note of intentionn to be the first timeless magazine. That is to say freeing oneself from all constraints of a time constantly subject to current events.  
Nevertheless anchored in its time, "SRG" highlights the retro communities, the indie scene, constantly linked to the internet, like a freeze frame of the small retrogaming world at a given moment. In short, 
 a media at the crossroads of nostalgia and fact, which has digested more than 40 years of video games, stories, unusual culture, lives and serves them to you on a bed of succulent freshness. 


Sections and subsections..

The world of Retrogaming is vast, very vast. Rather than following a linear sequence of reviews, we have multiplied the recurring and original sections and mini sections. Some articles will also be common threads to follow over several issues.

Here are somesome examples: 

Key sections /

HAZARDOUS AREA 8/16/32/64/128 etc. Bits

The main course for pixel lovers. Here, our team of crazy people analyzes, dissects, dissects, revisits, and takes a fresh look at works that often went under the radar upon their release, or which conversely have marked their time for a very specific reason. No language hereue of wood, we make iron speak, and nothing will be spared in these innocent games which did not require so much. From the Famicom to the Dreamcast via the NEO GEO POCKET, the Amstrad CPC 6128 or the Mega Drive, each micro or console medium is entitled to its little hour of glory. Here, the analyzes are classified by generation, starting with the oldest (8-bit) to the most recent (Xbox360 and PlayStation 3).

Because there is more than just retro in life, we also give pride of place to so-called “Neo-Retro” games. In short, current works that respect the heritage of games from the 90s, but taking advantage of modern technologies. Often dominated by the Metroidvania genre, the Neo-Retro category undoubtedly has some surprises in store for you…


The roots of video games in their purest form! The smell of sweat, the dim lighting, the unsanitary conditions of building cellars filled with arcade machines, the excited atmosphere and the smell of crushed cigarettes right on the panel of machines? Everything is there. Insert a coin and start the game.


Nothing to do with a René Manzor film, since here we are going to talk about something that remains in our memories: a passage from a cult game that has left its mark on memories. We dissect it all frame by frame, we tamper with each sequence to make you relive this moment of pure video game madness as if you were there. As a bonus, you can listen to “We will meet again” by Francis Lalanne, which ultimately seems to have been sent from the past to evoke this section. Everything is connected !



Being a video game fan wasn't enough for our Mad Collector. He had to sink into the hell of collecting high-end derivative products, figurines and collector's editions. To make up for this sin of gluttony, he shares his passion with us in photos. What a brave man...



In his dirty post, Le Marshall looks back on the video game news of recent months. With his cynical eye and his sharp pen, he takes stock of the most crunchy information in our little pixelated universe.



What if we went back in time for a little press review in France but also abroad, in order to look in the rearview mirror at what our ancestors (ouch!) in the profession had scratched with the sweat of their hands on certain flagship titles? Get in the DeLoreane, takeoff imminent!



Because there's more than just video games in life (well, that remains to be proven...) the Born to be Wild section gives pride of place to all other mediums linked to our passion: music, cinema, TV series... From the moment there is a retro affect, our team jumps for the throat of the subject and does not let go until he has released all his information.



Sometimes, certain video games have a… let’s say… “very particular” taste in terms of design. It's not so much that they are abject. It’s more that they tend to give us stomach aches or make us uncomfortable in a split second. However, under this shell of vomit sometimes hides a sumptuous program with succulent gameplay and undeniable fun. We put some of our editors on the spot, first checking that they had all their vaccinations up to date.


and many more...

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